A book review and Two Parties in One for Carrie and Mayra

How’s this for a great combination: a ship full of pirates, an ancient Sea Monster, trunks full of doubloons (ooops, they might have all gotten sunk into the ocean after slipping and sliding in “soap . . . created from squid spit and lotion”), and spaghetti served with mysterious looking sea creature tentacles. So what’s the problem?

Pirate Daughter hates the sea and yearns to live on dry land. Victricia Malicia, title character of VICTRICIA MALICIA: BOOK-LOVING BUCCANEER by Carrie Clickard, never did learn to climb the rigging or tie knots that would hold. And frankly, she didn’t care for Spaghetti Tentacular. Her great passion was reading books.

After a lively discussion, the family decides that the best way to cure Vic is to “ground her.” But before she can be put ashore with her book collection, she saves the family from the Sea Serpent, Scylla. And as a reward, Vic gets her greatest wish.

Mark Meyers did a superb job of bringing Carrie’s story to life. Each family member is distinctively drawn and dressed and the facial expressions are appropriate to each escapade. Even the ship critters are interesting: Vic’s gold fish in a bowl, the green potbellied parrot, and the mice that can’t abide Vic’s cooking. The sketch of the ship adds to the understanding of piratical terms and the treasure map is absolutely authentic. By the way, the name of the ship is The Potbellied Parrot.

I can’t help but brag that Carrie is a member of my SCBWI group and I’m sure the entire state of Florida is proud of her even though it’s only been two years since we stole her from the state of Michigan. They’re welcome to be proud of her, too.

Did I mention that Carrie writes in killer rhyme?

VICTRICIA MALICIA was published by Flashlight Press and is available at Books-a-Million, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Carrie’s Glob-Trotting Bear, Berenice, has a unique website where young readers can follow her to places like Egypt and China.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading my copy of this book, which I purchased at the Book Launch Party at Colleen Rand’s home.

And secondly, the Party at Colleen’s was a Farewell to another of our fine writers, Mayra Donnell. Mayra transplanted herself to Florida for a few years, but her adopted home state of Maine kept calling her to return. The manuscript she just completed is about the year 1816, and it is full of fascinating lore about the troubles brought on the folks of The Province of Maine (which at that time was part of the state of Massachusetts)  by a year with NO summer (how’s that for a teaser). The book is written in the form of a diary of a young girl. I think Mayra changed Sara’s age from10 to 12 or 13.  Can’t wait to see this in print. Might just go to Maine for my copy and stay in Mayra’s Bed and Breakfast and bathe in goats milk. Mayra, thanks for the Maine Maple Syrup; it is superbly delicious.

It was a pleasure to meet Mayra’s daughter and Carrie’s mother at the party. Please visit us again, ladies.



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