Spirit Stealer by Sue Perkins

Finished reading Spirit Stealer by Sue Perkins. Middle Grade mystery from  MuseItYoung Publishing. Sort ‘o scary.


I interviewed Sue during our September Blog Tour of MuseItYoung Publishing’s Middle Grade and Young Adult Authors. I read Spirit Stealer on Kindle and I really enjoyed it.

You can find my interview with this New Zealand author on this blog on September 8.

With both boy and girl protagonists, this book is appealing to readers of both sexes. Since all of us here are readers, we love libraries, don’t we? Libraries are safe places, right. Well, don’t bet on it. Could characters actually come out of the books? The setting of this book in a library makes it doubly intriguing.  

The plot involves two different boys and their encounters with the spirit stealer who lives in the library. The first boy is a street urchin who needs a warm, dry place to sleep. And the other boy is the son of a librarian. It’s interesting to see how the girl character spans the stories of both boys. You’ll want to read the book to see if the stories merge and to find out if the evil green phantom is ever vanquished.

Disclaimer: I purchased my copy of this book and was not paid for reviewing it.

My Guest: Sue Perkins

My guest today is Sue Perkins, a middle grade author who is taking part in the Muse Blogathon for the month of September.

Thank you Barbara for inviting me to visit your blog today.

It’s my pleasure, Sue. You are very welcome. I want my friends to get to know you and your book. Isn’t it great hopping to all these blogs. We’re getting the name of our publisher, MuseItUp Publishing, before the public.

I’m quite overwhelmed by the speed of this blog tour. It seems I no sooner visit a blog – or had another author visit my blog – when the next one appears over the horizon.

A little bit about me. My name is Sue Perkins and I live in the South Island of New Zealand. I love to read and write fantasy books. Reading favorites for adult fantasy are David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett and Naomi Novik. For Young Adult or Middle Grade I love Brian Jacques, Jenny Nimmo and Terry Pratchett. I know Terry’s in twice but his Wee Free Men series on Discworld is hilarious as is his Bromeliad about the world of the gnomes.

Sue, I think many of us are familiar with New Zealand from seeing The Lord of the Rings series which was filmed in your beautiful country. It has such varied topography; many of the scenes were breathtaking.

Now tell us about your writing.

My writing career has encompassed contemporary and historical romance and I have written several adult fantasy books. I am now stretching my wings and my first Middle Grade fantasy will be released by MuseItUp Publishing in October.

I love creating worlds. Usually alternate worlds to Earth, but sometimes I imagine a hidden part of our own Earth. It’s fun to take a familiar location and weave a story around it until it shows a different face to the readers.

Spirit Stealer is set in the nighttime world of a library. After the library closes the characters emerge from the books and float around the library, scaring any children who have been accidentally locked in. These phantoms are playful but the evil green Spirit Stealer lurks in the basement. He takes control of the nighttime world, using the phantoms to drive the children into his evil clutches.

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Thank you for stopping by today, Sue. Your book, Spirit Stealer, is right after the heart of this ole librarian. Reading your synopsis reminds me of working in the public library in my hometown when I was in high school. The oldest and dustiest books were stored in the basement. Fortunately, I never ran into anything as scary as your character seems to be.

And to my readers, I’m Sue’s guest today, so please visit her blog:


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