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No Monday Metaphor today, as I’m very busy with the Muse Young Adult and Middle Grade Authors Blogathon.

Here is where I will be appearing as guest: Monday, September 12 on Brian Knight’s blog,    Please visit and leave a comment and tweet. I didn’t mean to give the impression that this is part of the Blogathon; Brian is not a children’s writer.


Here is news from my other publisher, Guardian Angel Publishing.

Lynda Burch says, “Guardian Angel Publishing’s global presence will continue to grow as Ingram Content Group, both Guardian Angel’s innovative printer and distributor, partner and purchase more facilities around the world.”

Lynda S. Burch, Publisher


Ingram Content Group announces worldwide expansion with the launch of Global CONNECT, a print and distribution program and its first alliance with Brazil’s Singular Digital.


A colleague of mine at Guardian Angel Publishing, Nicole Weaver, at one time interned in the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center for a few summers. Her book, My Birthday is September Eleven, is doing very well at Amazon. She also wrote a post on September 11 (yesterday)

 If any of you read her book to your children or grandchildren, please let me know what their rection is and I will pass it on to Nicole.


See you on Brian’s blog.

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