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The October Issue of Guardian Angel Kids Ezine is full of a variety of fun articles, stories, and activities. To name a few: a turn-the-page story, a story read aloud in video form, poetry, stories, and games. The coloring  pages are especially challenging. If you are a parent or teacher, tell the teachers you know that  there is lots of help for teachers in every issue.

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Children’s Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Sports and Activities– October 2011 Issue.

Read these letters from publisher, Lynda Burch, and editor, Donna McDine.

Although technology is a wonderful learning tool, it’s important to teach our children the importance of getting up and outside to enjoy the boundless adventures of sports and physical activity. Not only is it good for the body to stretch your muscles and participate in physical activity it does wonders for the brain and soul of one’s body by releasing endorphins.

Join us at Guardian Angel Kids Ezine October 2011 issue and get you and your children grooving through physical action by becoming inspired by this month’s poetry, stories, activities, and articles at

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Letter from the PUBLISHER:  Lynda S. Burch:

Featured Book and video:

Cartwheel Annie Flipping Book by Marilee Crowe and illustrated by K.C. Snider – Annie likes being upside down.  When the neighborhood children see her cart wheeling down the sidewalk on the way to school, they begin to tease her.  That embarrasses her siblings.  It seems everyone is tired of her gymnastics, until the circus comes to town, and Annie becomes the star of the show.

Whispering Wally, art and story by Kevin Collier – Watch a special video of Wally the Whale and his treasure hunt, keeping active swimming.

Children’s poetry, Short Stories, and Articles:

“The Name of the Game,” by Ellen Javernick –  clever poetry that takes you for a whimsical ride through sports.  

“Once Upon Home Plate,” Katie – 5th grader – self confidence soars at the awe inspiring homerun.

“The Magic Bat,” by Marcia Faber and illustrated by Samantha Bell – imagination and fantasy takes you on a delightful outcome of a special bat.

“Fall Freeze,” by Erin K. Schonauer and Jamie C. Schonauer and illustrated by Kathleen Bullock – two sports plus one party equals an icy situation. Can a figure skater and a hockey player learn to balance their differences or are they bound to collide?

“Turtle and Rabbit Relay,” by Karen Robuck – Does the turtle always win the race? In the familiar fable he does, but what about in real life?

“Ways to Use Activities and Games to Teach Vocabulary,” by Dorit Sasson – Engage your students in games of vocabulary and have fun along the way.

Featured Drawing, Games & Activities:
Draw yourself being good with Painting Board – PAINT page

Featured Games from Books – GAME page

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by Donna McDine, Editor-in-Chief, Guardian Angel Kids Ezine


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