My Guest: Brian Knight

Would you believe that my guest, Brian Knight, a published author, did not like to read when he was a youngster? But I’ll let him explain and you’ll understand where his font of story ideas springs from.

Hi Brian, Welcome to Stories a la Mode. I’m so happy to have you as my guest. I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey to publication and I know my readers will, too. Take it away . . .

Who Needs An Imagination?

Not too long ago I was asked the question ‘at what age did you start reading.’ I must admit that I had to think about that question before I answered. You see, as a child I was not a big reader. In fact, books bored me. Right about now you may be thinking – how did he become an author if books bored him? Many people who knew me back then have asked that question many times. The truth is, writing found me but that is for another post.

No, reading wasn’t high on my to-do list for the first 12 or so years. I would read in school but after that torturous experience was over I would stay as far from books as my favorite bicycle would carry me. I think back on those days and I don’t regret not reading. Oh yes, I heard that deep intact of air from all of you but please allow me to explain.

In those days we did not have all these electronic gadgets and toys. Heck, cell phones were nothing more than ideas. Some would call me old while most would call me a young pup but what I just said still holds true. I was raised in the country. My dog, basketball, bicycle and favorite toy gun were some of my prized possessions. I can’t think of a time, growing up, when I wasn’t riding the country roads, playing ball or running through the forest. I look back on those days fondly now that I am grown with a son of my own. What does this have to do with writing? I’ll tell you.

Memories, thoughts and dreams follow each of us as we journey from child to adult but the one thing that I’m most grateful for is that my imagination carried through and is still vibrant to this day. Back when I was a kid my imagination took the form of cowboys and Indians while I ran through the woods or playing against Magic Johnson on the basketball court or racing down bandits on the mean streets. Of course I can’t do those things now or a strait jacket would be waiting for me so my imagination morphed and changed. It took on a whole new form and began to shape stories in my mind; stories I would soon write down and stories I will one day share.

 The imagination is such a wonderful thing. It can spark a new invention or set off a movement that can change the landscape of how we do things. It was imagination that brought to bear the Harry Potter books which opened the doors to reading for thousands if not millions of young people. Perhaps those young people are still reading. Who knows, maybe their imagination was sparked and they are now writing.

What finally sparked my love for reading? My imagination was there and I was using it regularly but books….not so much. It started with comic books. The perfect combination of pictures and words fed my imagination nicely until I grew older. Then it happened. My imagination was captured by the first Lord of the Rings movies and it ignited my desire to read. It was like a famished person being fed for the first time. I was ravenous. I would read books all night. I didn’t care that I had work the next day all I wanted to do was read that next sentence, that next chapter, that next book.

 My imagination merged with my desire to read and a fireball erupted inside. It was like a dormant volcano had been awakened but instead of a flow of lava, a flow of stories flowed forth. It was amazing to experience this and only now can I see and understand that it all started with Magic Johnson on the court, the bandits on the country roads, and the Indians in the woods.

Bio: SB Knight has seen his poetry and short stories published in both books and magazines. Now, with the publishing of his first novel, Born of Blood, he has achieved a goal and dream set many years ago. Currently he is working on the sequel to Born of Blood which will be the second novel for the Blood Chronicles series.

SB Knight is the creator of ‘The New Author;’ a blog that started as a learning tool but has since grown into a community of friends and peers. He is also co-owner of Premium Promotional Services where authors can find the help they need to promote their book(s) on the Internet.

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