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Having my book, WOUNDS, selected for publication by MuseItUp Publishing has multiplied my pleasure many times over for simply being a part of the Muse Family. The friendly, fun—or I should say—HILARIOUS—welcome I have received is more than anything I could have imagined. Most of the authors who are already a part of the Muse Family are ones I have either met or lurked among since the first Muse Conference I attended three years ago. And also ones coming right behind me, like Barbara Ehrentreu. Then there’s a strange being (?), Bonella, who has really spiced things up recently. You just don’t want to go near her cheesecake! Soon the hard work of editing will begin, but with all these A-Musing friends to call on for advice, help, and support, I know I will get through it okay.


Nothing means more to a writer than to know a reader appreciates her work; that he gets it. It’s great when the reader (or listener) is in the writer’s presence and actually laughs out loud. It’s better than chocolate. And that’s what happened at my SCBWI group meeting this week. Sylvia Leontaritis brought her son, Angelo, to the meeting. He likes books and is learning to read. It seems he is also learning to listen; that is another great skill. All of us enjoyed having him at the meeting. I loved it when he laughed at my satirical piece.
I have another fan who wrote me a letter (through the editor). My friend, Cindy Davis, who formerly was the editor of CHARACTERS Magazine, published some of my stories. She also published stories from young people. A boy wrote to say he like my story best after his own.

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