World of Ink Tour: Night Buddies:Impostors and One Far-Out Flying Machine

Watch out, Folks! Night Buddies are on the way!

night buddies

“Who are the Night Buddies,” you ask.

I will tell you.

They are the product of Sands Hetherington’s quirky imagination—brought to life by illustrator Jessica Love. I think Sands is an eight-year-old boy in disguise. Snerk! Snog!

In Sands’ book, NIGHT BUDDIES, IMPOSTORS AND ONE FAR-OUT FLYING MACHINE, the protagonists come out at night (that is, the boy, John, sneaks out of the house) to foil the machinations of dastardly criminals. John’s Buddy is a red crocodile named Crosley who wears a yellow coat filled with pineapple cheesecakes. Crosley is mad about pineapple cheesecakes.

All of the night population of the Borough know the job of Night Buddies Almagated is to stop evil doings. Now suddenly, everyone thinks Crosley is doing bad things, such as spray painting “SUBWAY PEOPLE SUCK SLUGS” on the subway station wall. Why? Because an IMPOSTOR is pretending to be Crosley. Yerk, Yerk!

It won’t be easy for The Night Buddies to put a stop to the Iguana Gang (the impostors). But with the help of Officer Finnegan and his horse, Elmer, Fast Fanny the proprietor of The All Night Racing Blimp Emporium (her flying machines can fold up to fit in a closet), Cros’s brother, Crenwinkle, Rodney Oglesby, owner of the sauerkraut and jellybean hot dog cart, big huge Lonnie who supplies the pineapple cheesecakes—and more night people—John and Cros make the Iguana Gang PAY for all that troublemaking. Excelsior!

And what does Miss Stockbridge and the three lady moles, who provide mole milk for the iguanas, have to do with it all?

I can only say—move over, Captain Underpants. Make way for Night Buddies Almagated!

For more information about this fun, silly book and other books in the Night Buddies series, go to ; also available at and other fine book Emporiums.

My review copy was provided by Virginia Grenier, coordinator of World of Ink Tours.


My apologies to everyone who was notified that this posts would come out on January 17; I set the date before I left town, but obviously, I did something wrong.

So sorry.

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7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy Stewart
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 17:47:57

    Such a cute post. I love the lightheartedness of it. Also, wonderful meeting you in person at our conference, Barbara!


  2. tinamcho
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 19:12:24

    Sounds like a cute book! Thanks for sharing!


  3. VS Grenier
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 15:44:17

    Barbara, thanks for reviewing Night Buddies book 2 and sharing your thoughts. My girls loved both books.


  4. barbarabockman
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 19:49:39

    Virginia Grenier sent this comment from Gail, who works with Night Buddies website: I love Barbara’s review!


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