Airport Security

Things being as they are in this new world, I’m happy to cooperate in all ways with airport security and don’t grumble much. But does a grandma and two teen-age boys look suspicious enough to warrant three searches in one day? Well, we were told it was random.

Part of the problem had to do with my sore throat. I put my cough medicine in my checked luggage going to London. No problem. But on the way home, I had it in my purse—along with some extra herbal cough syrup I bought in London. I poured most of it out so there was only about one ounce in each bottle. But the bottles themselves could hold several ounces.

After going through the scanner, I gathered up my head scarf (the one I was protecting my throat with) and my blanket (because the bus had been so cold I had become attached to it) and Steven’s heavy sweatshirt. Loaded down, I went to the ladies room. I started to hang up my purse, BUT I HAD NO PURSE!!  No passport; no I D. Panic!! I ran back to the scanning place and there were my purse and carry on. I had not been informed the officials were going through my belongings. And I had foolishly not checked for them. They apologized; I will be more careful in the future.

 I was told I couldn’t take the cough syrup on the plane. So I swallowed it all. (My sore throat cleared up). Here is the interesting thing that I learned from my grandson—it isn’t the amount of liquid that is important; it’s the fact that a weapon could be hidden in the bottle. Thank goodness for grandchildren.

I discovered the officials were going through Steven’s stuff, too. We were concerned about the beautiful crystal picture frame Steven had bought his mother in Waterford, but it was not harmed. (But they did not find the orange in his backpack). Steven had taken an orange from the States to England and it was still in his backpack when we returned. They didn’t seem to care in England, but back in the US, we were asked to report to the agricultural inspection station. There they confiscated the orange.

Then at the last checkpoint, we were searched a third time. We had to laugh.

I’m just glad we weren’t rushed to catch a plane.

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  1. Jonellen Heckler
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 02:19:33

    Great stories, Barbara.

    Soon after 9/11 I was treated suspiciously at airport security on one occasion. They were obviously upset about my purse and something in it they could see on X-Ray. They searched the purse and pulled a knife from it. I was speechless. Where had it come from? Then I saw it had the Hilton hotel logo on it. Must have fallen into my open purse during some room service event during the previous days’ stay at the Hilton.


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