The Story Behind the Story

A Moveable Feast

Illustration by Samantha Bell

If you’ve read my story, “A Movable Feast,” in the June issue of Guardian Angel Kids, this explanation will make sense. If not, you are invited to do so. I hope you will take the message to heart and share it with the kids in your life.

An analogy that fits is “you have to break some eggs to make an omelet.” The story concerns caterpillars eating the leaves of beautiful plants. Some caterpillars devour the leaves but others just nibble. Either way, they have to have the food in order to survive and become butterflies. Later, butterflies thrive on nectar plants.

One time, my neighbor, Cindy’s, friend came to visit and saw the caterpillars swarming over the passion vines on the fence. She was shocked and horrified. Cindy’s little girl, Corina, explained the reason we allowed such practice and the visitor was mollified.  That was the inspiration for the story. When Cindy read the story, she said, “You made me the villain of the story!” I told her: “No, the neighbor lady is a made up character.” Cindy’s a good sport.

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